5 Chemical Free Spring Clean Ideas

5Chemical Free Spring Cleaning Ideas

The sun has shone for many of us over the last few days and Spring is certainly here after the Equin...Read more »

Simple Half Term Traditions

Simple Half Term Traditions

Here in Staffordshire, Half Term starts today! Welcome is an understatement as we have sneezed, coug...Read more »

Imperfect Valentine Baking Recipes for Everyday Love….

Valentine Baking Blog

Nothing says love like food & baking. Food is the universal language of love. Not necessarily th...Read more »

For the Love of February

For the Love of February

The New Year starts with so many plans and ideas, in the glow of Christmas celebrations and is full...Read more »

The Power of Small in a Big World

The Power of Small Business

  This week has been a real challenge for many – a perfect storm of very grey weather, l...Read more »

Hygge Ways for Snowy Days

Pizza Recipe

I know, I know, I have simply jumped on the snow bandwagon as a way of writing this blog post…...Read more »

New Year, New Commitments….

Stay in Staffordshire

2017 is finally here and many are welcoming it with open arms after, what many perceive. as a challe...Read more »

How about a Simply Christmas?

simply staffordshire

We have been thoroughly enjoying our #SimplyFestive Christmas campaign this year – sharing lot...Read more »

Tearoom opens it’s doors to combat loneliness this Christmas


A Simply Member business with a tearoom near Gnosall in Staffordshire is to throw open its doors to ...Read more »

Small Business – Big Weekend


This weekend is a big one in so many ways. It is the first weekend of advent and the first after the...Read more »

Not Black Friday but Local Friday


Today is that slightly stomach churning day – Black Friday – an affectation of big corpo...Read more »

Make 2016 Simply Festive


We have been busy little elves at Simply HQ this week adding the final touches to our Christmas Cam...Read more »

A week of Global Entrepreneurship


Many of you may not realise (or have no need to realise) that it is Global Entrepreneurship Week thi...Read more »

Gather together…


Gathering has a long tradition in Autumn – historically we gathered food for the long winter m...Read more »

What’s Love got to do with it?

Love Staffordshire

This post might, at first glance look a tad on the gooey side, a little off the wall compared to our...Read more »

Live Simply this Half Term


Today my kids break up from school for the half term and it is always so welcome after the business ...Read more »

Simply Networking


Today is our monthly Coffee Break networking day…our networking meeting that takes place at th...Read more »

A Frugal Chicken Pie for Cold Evenings


As the product of both a Grandma and Mum who were/are great cooks, I have a pathological dislike of ...Read more »

The Impact of ‘Going Local’ this Autumn

Sarah Myatt Glass

Despite my very best efforts, I am very aware that the ‘C’ word is already all around us...Read more »

3 ways to host your own Harvest Festival magic…


This morning I was compelled to talk about Harvest Festival after I heard an impossibly sweet 7 year...Read more »

A little Hygge in Staffordshire

A Little Hygge in Staffordshire

I LOVE Autumn….for a few weeks I bemoan the loss of high summer and feel like I will never get...Read more »

Trails from Staffordshire to the Sahara!

Discovery Trails

Our Member of the Month for August is Discovery Trails Staffordshire – a fantastic business se...Read more »

When Emily met Kirstie & Emma…& their advice for small business


As some of you will have seen from my Facebook page, I was lucky enough to visit the amazing HotAir2...Read more »

A Perfect Blend of Coffee & Cycling…


Paul Rowlands from Ride Staffs has a wealth of amazing cycling and event experience which he has bro...Read more »

Stoke on Trent Literary Festival is launched!


Last night I was invited along to the launch event for the Stoke on Trent Literary Festival, held at...Read more »

Old pottery gets a new glaze…

The Glost House

The Glost House in Longton is a stunning new cafe now open for daytime drinks, breakfast & lunch...Read more »

When the sun came out in Staffordshire…

I’m embarrassed as always that it has taken me until now to post again…I’m loathed...Read more »

Get spicy in Staffordshire!

We LOVE sharing Staffordshire with you and what you seem to love most is food and courses! Our membe...Read more »

A Sunday lesson in local

As a busy, working Mum who spends an inordinate amount of time on the sides of sporting pitches, get...Read more »

Spingtime in Staffordshire

So…like many parts of the UK, Staffordshire has been enjoying a few days of Spring…warm ...Read more »

A Day at the Lake – Great Days Out in Staffordshire

We often work with other organisations and attractions to highlight amazing events and highlights in...Read more »

When the BBC visited Staffordshire…

So, last night I settled down with a little left over wine from our family roast lunch & with my...Read more »

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Staffordshire made Hugget

We love a competition here at Simply HQ and it’s often the way folks discover Staffordshire, i...Read more »

This is a little late…

Ok – so I have broken every rule that I teach clients – be consistent, be persistent, do...Read more »

A Bulb Lasagne for Spring 2016!

Ok – so this is a totally new type of recipe for us to share but we know you will love it! Jus...Read more »

Seasoned Cookery School – Simply delicious!

We are super excited to welcome the fabulous Seasoned Cookery School to our Simply membership. Found...Read more »

Want a Place at the Table?

B-Arts Ltd are hosting a ground breaking theatre event this week called “A Place at the Table&...Read more »

Add colour to your life….

I wanted to share this fabulous blog by one of our members David Gough – a photographer who lo...Read more »

A Staffordshire Food Festival that Rocks!

  This weekend saw me escaping from the normal chaos of my usual weekend to the Stone Food &...Read more »

Handpicked means business success!

We love working with our handpicked members and sharing the brilliance in Staffordshire. We do what ...Read more »

A Vintage Secret in Staffordshire?

To celebrate our Member of the Month this September, I want to introduce to you Lily’s Secret ...Read more »

A Vintage Weekend!

Our July Member of the Month, The Vintage Suitcase, run by the award winning Gemma Miller (Vintage P...Read more »

Stand out Staffordshire

As we hurtle towards the Summer Solstice, life here at Simply HQ has been busy, chilly, chaotic &...Read more »

June’s Member of the Month!

We are super excited to tell you about our June Member of the Month here at Simply HQ! This month it...Read more »

We are National Award Winners!

What a week we have had! Some of you will have seen that we won an award at last week’s Visit ...Read more »

Meet our Member of the Month!

We are very excited to be launching our new feature – Member of the Month! This is an opportun...Read more »

3 ways to discover Staffordshire this Spring!

Staffordshire has simply come alive in the last fortnight…warm weather, longer days and sunshi...Read more »

We are Finalists!

We are super excited to say that our handpicked guide to Staffordshire has made it to the National V...Read more »

Craft workshops here in Staffordshire…

One of our most popular searches on Simply Staffordshire is for craft workshops and courses. Not onl...Read more »

Leek Food & Drink Festival

This weekend has seen the 2nd Leek Food & Drink Festival coming to the north of Staffordshire &#...Read more »

Neil brings a boon to Staffordshire

We have been nothing but lax at Simply HQ in the old blogging department despite the fact that much ...Read more »

We WON | Award Winning Visitor Information…

So, Simply Staffordshire can now be called “award winning” – totally fantastic new...Read more »

Christmas in Staffordshire

As I spend a lot of time telling my clients to ensure that their blog is maintained and regularly up...Read more »

September at Simply HQ

We have been super busy here at Simply HQ and trying not to be distracted by the beautiful weather. ...Read more »

A Vintage Winner!

We’d like to thank the academy… Well, it’s been a rollercoaster few weeks here at Suitcase HQ ...Read more »

Busyness at Simply HQ!

It is that time of year when, despite my best efforts, life goes a little crazy at Simply HQ. It cen...Read more »

Summer in Staffordshire

We have been enjoying some fabulous weather at Simply HQ…gazing at our lovely (& yet somew...Read more »

May Magic in Staffordshire

May is a particularly magic month for me and I adore the bright, verdant green of the fields and bri...Read more »

Need some help as you leave the military?

Liz Abram is a coach and Simply Staffordshire member. She specialises in coaching those who are lea...Read more »

What’s in a photogragh?

Please enjoy this guest Blog from our member business owner, David Gough of David Gough Photography&...Read more »