Savoury Recipes

Homemade Pizza

Pizza Recipe

The perfect, homemade pizza recipe - easy, delicious and fun to make too....Read more »

Pepperonata Lasagne [V]


This is a great vegetarian alternative to meat lasagne - great for a family tea or for supper guests...Read more »

Roast Butternut Squash Soup


Warming, easy and delicious...simply perfect cold weather food....Read more »

Bacon and Lentil Soup


This is a soup I do almost every week in some form or other. Warming, welcoming and always wonderful...Read more »

Roast Chilli Chicken


This is a family favourite - perfect in the winter or ideal in the summer, served with couscous or r...Read more »

Balsamic Dressing


This is my "use on all" dressing and I re make again and again throughout the year in the same jar. ...Read more »

Rosemary Roasted Potatoes


Simple, delicious, ideal for summer, winter, posh dinner or easy tea!...Read more »

Beetroot and Coconut Soup by Seasoned Cookery [V]


This gorgeous soup is an exclusive recipe from our members at Seasoned Cookery Courses. Clare &...Read more »

Spicy Lentil Soup [V]


This hearty soup is ideal as the weather starts to cool and you need a winter warmer after a walk. F...Read more »

Blue Cheese Broccoli Bake


An ideal hearty, warming family meal enjoyed by the children and adults alike!...Read more »

Spinach and Pea Soup [V]


This soup is so easy to make and can be made to look posh for a dinner party or simply enjoyed as a ...Read more »

Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms


A delicious starter for a dinner or a simply supper dish. Either way, a delicious local dish to enjo...Read more »

Staffordshire Buttery Potato Cake

This is a great versatile recipe by 99 Station St Restaurant in Burton. They have kindly let me shar...Read more »

Cheese Straws

bertelincheese not rocket science but absolutely brilliant home made, additive free snack or picnic essenti...Read more »

Staffordshire Lobby


This is simply my own version but I know there are many more! Ideal for winter days and you can use ...Read more »

Marrow & Spinach Soup


This the perfect tasty way to deal with those over sized courgettes hiding under leaves! Ideal with ...Read more »

Staffordshire Savoury Marrow


This is a recipe I found in a fundraising recipe book dating back to celebrate the Queens Silver Jub...Read more »

Onion Chutney


This is a fabulous and easy chutney that you can make your own. Perfect with cheese, on burgers &...Read more »

Steak & Staffordshire Ale Pie


This delicious pie is perfect for a family week night tea or a even a smart dinner with friends. Com...Read more »

Pea & Mint Summer Soup

spinach and pea soup

This is delicious, delicate and dead easy! You can play with this recipe to suit what you have in th...Read more »

Watercress Soup


This is a new discovery for us but is really delicious. Full of goodness and can be smartened up wit...Read more »